Michael Brunswick | 79th Organ

November 8 - December 21, 2013

GUSFORD | los angeles is pleased to present an exhibition by Canadian-born painter Michael Brunswick. For his first solo show with the gallery, Brunswick will reveal a new series of paintings which exemplify a distinctive technique that he has been developing for the past decade. 79th Organ will focus on a body of large-scale abstract works, in both color and black and white, characterized by slick, iridescent surfaces of illusory movement and depth. 


Mixing Galkyd and raw pigment to create his own paint, Brunswick has developed a unique method that utilizes a stretched canvas as a tool. Referred to by the artist as a 'dripstroke', the paint is poured off the edge of one canvas on to the surface of another, creating two pieces – the 'throwaway', or the tool that resembles a painting but differs in function and value, and the work of art itself. Through foregrounding the technique, Brunswick is attempting to move the discussion of the work beyond aesthetics to engage with process, and insert new language into the discourse of abstraction.


The stark contrast of the black and white paintings push this technique to the forefront, while the chromatic works resonate in an increasingly symbolic and sensorial manner. Pools of paint mix and mingle on the surface of the canvas, evoking the microscopic, the cosmic and the corporal. Eliciting a visceral reaction, they appear to push and pull, decay and regenerate. This, is Michael Brunswick's 79th Organ. 



Michael Brunswick was born in Toronto, Canada in 1979, and currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA, USA. He completed his MFA at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles in 2007 and was selected as one of the Los Angeles Times 45 Painters under 45. Previous solo exhibitions include Orchard Windows Gallery, New York (2012), Lora Schlesinger Gallery, Santa Monica (2009) and Gallery One, Toronto (2009).